NY Update. Our numbers continue to rise by virtually any metric you choose, but NY still remains low by comparison with other states.

In Westchester, as recently as 6 weeks ago, we were averaging less than 300 new cases per week. As of the past week, we’re now averaging 859 new cases per week. Here’s a chart showing the number of cases diagnosed daily, since March 12 — you can see that after a long period of steady but low spread, we’ve started moving higher over the past month or so.

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The testing-positive percentage in Westchester has also been rising, and over the past week it has averaged 1.89%. Yesterday we were at 2.26%, but I tend not to put too much weight on individual days’ results given vagaries of the timing of test results, etc. …


Lance Koonce

Father, Tech/IP Lawyer, Dis(Mis?)placed Carolinian. Tweets about #IP #blockchain #bitcoin #AI #VR #privacy #NYCtech

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